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High Temperature, Heat, Fire, Flame, Weld Splatter, Molten Splash and Abrasion Protection for Wires, Cables, Hoses, Pipes, Lines , Equipment and Personnel
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Locomotive Electric Traction Motor Coil Insulation & Connector Junction Tape

500°F / 260°C Continuous Exposure: Higher Intermittent
Withstands Molten Splash & Welding Splatter/Grinding Sparks

Custom fabricated insulated wrapping tape for pipe, hose and line protection: high temperature protection and cold temperature protection.

Primary Field Coil Insulation Tape:

GE 84A210606P154 & GE 84A210606P157.  Our part number T-SR-84

GE 41A239176P70 & GE 41A239176P71.  Our part number T-SR-41

EMD 8205562, EMD 8227441, EMD R718024.  Our part number T-SR-82 meets EMS 558 specification

EMD R718051, EMD R718077, EMD 8220410, EMD 40100391,
EMD 8257527.  Our part number T-SR-71 meets EMS 558 specification

GE 21261.  Our part number T-SR-21

GE 84A210606P158.  Our part number T-SR-158

Self-fusing Connector Junction Insulation Tape:

EMD 8355873
Our part number T3020-R004-12  meets GE A50E112, EMS 2074 specification

EMD 4089227, GE 84A210606P152
Our part number P3272-10R12-P4 meets EMS 2074 specification

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Traction motor insulation and junction electrical silicone rubber tape
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